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Alternatives to Microcement

Alternatives to Microcement

Wallpaper or decorative paper

It is not waterproof, it is not resistant, it is not a natural materialBathroom blue microcement

Venetian stucco

Less natural aesthetics. It is not waterproof, nor does it have the resistance of microcemento. He venetian stucco traditional is made with slaked lime, marble dust and (optionally) natural pigments. The presence of lime, which gives it a compactness that gives it good behavior against humidity. But the truth is that the impermeability of the stucco is limited. In addition, stucco is an expensive material, it is not easy to apply there are few painters that do not perform well, and there are simpler options at a better price such as microcement.

Stoneware floors, porcelain or ceramic flooring.

Are not continuous pavements, nor personal, and it depends on the tile, nor natural, and its price overall is higher than microcement price. To assess the price advantage of microcement, it must be compared with the total price of the alternatives that involve chipping, lifting and removing what already exists, and installing decorative tiles, either porcelain tile o ceramic. If we add the price of debris removal, the price of the tile and the price of labor for its placement, we will get a total price higher than that of microcement.

Self-leveling mortar.

Its price is similar to that of microcement, and its aesthetic value is lower

vinyl flooring or pvc flooring

They are used in industrial flooring and installations where aesthetics are not relevant.

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