Microcement Madrid

Microcement/Polished Cement in Madrid

Gray Resistone Microcement bathroom with free-standing bathtub
Gray Resistone Microcement bathroom with free-standing bathtub in an attic in Madrid

Microcement in Madrid. Reforms and new construction.

El microcemento It is the result of the evolution of construction materials. Is about polished concrete capable of adapting to all types of surfaces. Not only is it a resistant material, but it is also clean and ecological.

Resistone Microcement Madrid

It guarantees you the best construction material, with all the necessary tools for a perfect installation. With specific products depending on the needs and the place where this continuous flooring is going to be applied.

The advantages offered by microcement have to do with its characteristics:


Awarded for cement, its main component.

Microcement resists all kinds of conditions. Both indoors and outdoors if the installation is carried out professionally.


What allows its application in swimming pools, outdoor floors, roofs and swimming pools.

aesthetic conditions

The finishes achieved by microcement are difficult to achieve with other materials. This is because it can be accompanied by a flexible base that makes it adapt to any surface.
The only condition is that the base must be stable, regardless of its composition or material.

The application of microcement in Madrid

Gray microcement floor in Madrid Restaurant
Microcement floor in a restaurant in Madrid

It takes place in both new development as in reforms. In reform it is not necessary to replace the current material. East cost savings supposes that the microcement price more competitive than other materials.

Other times, the goal is simply to achieve a new look. In this case, also counting on the advantages of new construction materials, in this case microcement is the best option for a reform to have an aesthetic appearance.

For new construction it is the most effective material, the application of microcement indoors and outdoors ensures a lasting result that is adaptable to our interests.

We invite you to discover our wide range of colors available in our showroom in Madrid.

Here you can see the different finishes, textures and effects that you can achieve in the application of microcement.

Our expert team in microcement in Madrid guarantees you the best material and a safe and effective installation, contact us, consult our products.

Microcement exhibition in Madrid

Microcement Showroom in Madrid

Microcement Showroom in Madrid 

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