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Polished Cement Price

Polished Cement Price

Polished cement and Microcement are two terms used by different manufacturers to refer to the same product, a thin coating based on cement, fine aggregates, pigments and additives.

should not be confused with polished concrete with polished concrete, This consists of a slab at least 8 cm thick reinforced concrete, with a rolling layer in which quartz is incorporated and a mechanical polishing or trowelling is carried out with troweling machines, also known as helicopters. The polished concrete has retraction joints every 4 meters

For against the polished concrete It is 2-3 mm thick, has no joints and does not require large machinery for its construction. The finish is much finer, and there is no risk of cracking like polished concrete.

Polished cement application process.

The application process of polished concrete or microcement, is very traditional, and provides a great advantage as it avoids debris, which allows your home to remain a habitable place during the reform. We apply microcement both in homes, commercial premises, bathrooms, floors, furniture, etc ....

Quality in polished cement

The STN application process with offers an unbeatable result and appearance. We use the best materials, from microcement itself with a good balance between flexibility and hardness, to Polyurethane sealants with catalyst, this allows us to guarantee the quality of the installations.

polished cement price

The price of the application of polished cement will always depend on the m2, type of surface and chosen qualities of the components.

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