Thank you very much for your interest in our products.

As you may have seen in our website, we manufacture the Microcement Evolution: Resistone®.

It improves traditional microcement performance offering a higher compression and scratch resistance Vs any other microcement. As well as a higher reliability because of it´s waterproof and anticrack capability.

Moreover we have ready to use materials, with no need to mix several components in the job, and the remaining material is used for the next application.

We offer the Best solutions for continuous cement style floorings in the market. With a continuous R&D and improvement, that brings the client satisfaction and loyalty.

Our international commercialization strategy includes partnership with companies who are capable of taking advantage of the high potential for microcoatings market.

To get a distributorship exclusive for an area, we ask our partners to promote the products contact main specialist applicators or architects.

Exhibit them to Show the different Finishes and colors to applicators and final clients. Giving support to applicators: Product stock, Training and Technical Advising to Applicators.

Commit to a Minimum Volume for the Area that would be agreed on advanced.

We support our distributors with Technical & Commercial advising, Marketing materials available at special prices for distributors: Trial kits, Samples Brochure, Diptics and Merchandising. Potential clients Database if available for the market. Internet advertising management. And of course special prices.

First step to move forward would be you to test the products in trial or small application and be able to check what promised first hand.