Microcement Maintenance

Everything you need to know about microcement maintenance. From its installation to the rest of the years.

microcement maintenance
Microcement Resistone maintenance and care

Microcement care in the first days after installation.

El microcemento  reaches 48% of its mechanical and chemical resistance characteristics in the first 60 hours. Its total curing occurs after 4 weeks.

The greatest risk of scratching microcement flooring occurs in these first weeks of life. Therefore, the care given to the pavement during this period is very important.

The first 2 days after the application of the microcement, it should be walked on as little as possible, it should not be cleaned or washed with any product and liquids should not be spilled.

During the first month and especially during the first week, it is advisable to protect the floor as much as possible, taking special care not to drag furniture. As well as avoiding spilling liquids (since the porosity is not yet completely closed).

Care during the useful life of Microcement.

Microcement maintenance is very similar to that of a natural wood floor.

Washing is done with water and neutral soap.

The use of a mat at the entrance is recommended to prevent grit from entering with shoes. Main enemy of this type of soil.

The use of protections on the legs of tables and chairs is recommended if they are going to be dragged on the floor, as well as their periodic review to remove any grains of sand that may have become embedded.

Self-gloss waxes of the type used on wooden floors can be applied.

No abrasive product can be used (bleach, metal or very hard brushes, acids, solvents...).


A microcement floor can be renewed at a cost and in a time similar to the work of stabbing parquet.

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