Unique, continuous spaces, without visual breaks, natural betas, natural aspects reminiscent of cement.

The continuous, marbled and customizable finishes create modern and elegant environments.

Microcement or Polished Cement has become an essential tool for both decorators and architects and a trend in decoration.

It can be applied on floors, walls, furniture, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, stairs and both indoors and outdoors. Even in Pools and Facades.

Color Chart

The color can be chosen directly from the letter or perform custom colors.

Impossible not to create unique and personalized spaces

*Colors shown are approximate. Variables such as the configuration of the screen, the artisan application process itself, the thickness of each layer, the absorption of the base... can cause variations in the final color.

Resistone proposes a selection of colors from our standard color chart with a variety of elegant and natural colours. Different shades with light colors that offer greater luminosity, medium and dark colors that are striking with a strong personality.

  • Warm grays
  • Cool grays: Nacre, Silver, Iron
  • Medium Greys: Pearl, Stone, Steel, Slate
  • Earth colors: Limestone, Cream, Earth, Quartz, Peat
  • Greenish greys: Olive, Cement, Moss

The expert hand of the applicator creates the result and the tone variations typical of microcement.

Microcement is applied in thin layers of about 2-3mm on most surfaces such as cement, tiles, plaster...

Following an artisanal process with 5-9 layers of different products made from hydraulic binders, resins, fine aggregates and additives.


Finishing Varnish

Matte, Satin or Gloss

Natural, elegant colors, earth tones, sandy or bright effects and with more or less marked waters... the options are endless.