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Unique spaces, continuous, without visual breaks, with subtle beta textures and gentle natural looking, marbling, also reminiscent of cement. The  finishing  shows a continuous marbled appearance, creating customized, unique environments, elegant and modern.

It  is applicable on floors, walls, furniture, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms or stairs, and in exterior floors, in Pools or Fachades.

Microcement also Known as Beton Cire o Microtopping, are a basic tool for interior designers, architects and a trend in decoration.

You can choose from any color in our color chart or make custom blends. Impossible not to create unique and personalized environments.

Resistone propose a color selection in our standard color chart with a variety of natural elegant colors. Diferent tones with ligther colors offering higher luminosity, medium and dark colors eyecatching with strong personality.

  • Muted/gray colors
  • Cold gray: Nacar, Plata, Hierro
  • Warm gray: Perla, Piedra, Acero, Pizarra
  • Earth colors: Caliza, Crema, Tierra, Quarzo, Turba
  • Grenish gray: Olivo, Cemento, Musgo

*The microcement colors shown are approximate. Variables such as the configuration of the screen, and the process of artisanal application, setting conditions, layer thickness, base absorption, etc … can cause variations with the final color.

The hand of the expert craftman in the management of the trowel and the setting of the material create the result and the tone variations that appear in the microcement.

Microcement systems are applied with a thickness of about 2-3 mm on almost any surface: cement, tiles, plaster…

Following an artisanal process with 5-9 layers of different products made of hidraulic binders, resins, fine agregates and additives.

Natural colors, elegant, earthy, sandy or bright effects and with more or less marked waters … the options are endless.