Microcement floors

microcementoDo you already know the advantages that the microcemento can it contribute when carrying out reforms in any room or covering a new equipment? At STN we are manufacturers and applicators of this material, so we can bring you all its quality, taking care of its optimal use wherever you want it for a competitive price. But in addition, we offer you the added value of a product developed within our company, Resistone, which can be considered the evolution of microcement, given that its meticulous formulation manages to enhance its performance in aspects such as resistance, impermeability or flexibility.

By using this polished concrete, available in a good range of colours, you can get the most versatile and attractive covering, ideal for implementing continuous flooring on kitchen or bathroom floors, but which is also fully recommended for use on facades or interior walls, and even on countertops, tables or bathroom equipment, taking advantage of its excellent physical properties.

Our company brings you the evolution of microcement

One of the keys to the growing success of this product is that its technical advantages are combined with a most attractive aesthetic result, whether you choose for your continuous pavement by bright, matte or satin colors. This has a lot to do with the artisan administration of the product on the chosen surface, which produces natural effects and variations. Be sure to take a look at the photo gallery in which we show you the fantastic finishes we achieve in various applications.

With STN you too can enjoy the magnificent properties of this material in the most beneficial conditions. We make it easy for you buy microcement of first quality and, if you wish, see it applied in your property in an efficient way by highly specialized technicians.