We are aware of the lack of existing information about Microcement and the questions that it generates for this reason. For this reason, we want to solve all your doubts.

Does Microcement discolor?
We use high-quality inorganic pigments, and therefore resistant to the effects of light, guaranteeing color permanence, both indoors and outdoors.

What resistance does Microcement offer?
The microcement similar to that of a wooden parquet. As in these, care must be taken when dragging furniture on it and the legs of chairs and tables must be adequately protected.

Resistone EX is comparable to AC5 laminate flooring or Marble.

Our microcement is finished with bicomponent polyurethanes, it is a new technology product, with greater durability and resistance. They have excellent adherence and are very hard and elastic varnishes, which is why they have a high resistance to shocks and bumps, abrasion and scratching. They do not stain on contact with household products and are washable with water, soap or detergents.

Over the years, a microcement floor can be renewed at a cost and in a time similar to the work of stabbing parquet.

Can Microcemento be applied on underfloor heating?
The microcement is applicable on underfloor heating but it will be necessary to previously carry out the ignition protocol to guarantee that the mortar that is applied, if it is to crack, always does so before applying the microcement.

Is it necessary to brush or trim the doors when applying Microcemento?
The microcement has a thickness of between 1,5 and 3 mm. The doors are placed 5 mm from the ground, so brushing is not normally necessary.

How long will the works last?
For a small work the usual duration is 4 days.

How is Microcement cleaned?
Microcement maintenance is carried out by washing with water and neutral soap.

Can the same surface be covered with two colors?
Yes, you can create any color scheme you want.

Can microcement be applied on damp surfaces?
This application would require a previous waterproofing of the support, the Microcement is waterproof on its visible face, but if the humidity comes from the base it would wet the microcement.

Is it possible to apply microcement on a deteriorated pavement without having to lift it?
If the pavement has irregularities of less than 2 mm, microcement can be applied directly, if the irregularities are greater, it should be regularized with self-leveling mortar. If the tiles were loose, they would have to be fixed beforehand.

Is micromentum non-slip?
The standard microcement flooring is less slippery than the most common types of flooring. However, if you want to increase the anti-slip capacity, we have systems to do so.

According to the standard that regulates slipperiness rates and determines the class that a floor must have based on its use, the polyurethane-sealed microcement coating would correspond to class 1.

Does Microcement crack?
A basic microcement does not crack unless the base on which it is applied does. Although the bases usually crack or have movements. To cushion these, an elastic system is required, such as Resistone, capable of bridging cracks and movements that occur in the base better than any microcement.

What are the advantages of microcement?
Microcement is a continuous coating that usually gives a very sophisticated appearance as it does not have joints and provides continuity between all the rooms in the house, even between the floor, walls, furniture... Smooth finishes are the most normal, but we can achieve that imitate the stone, drawings on the ground...