Microcement Price

Microcement application is carried out through an artisan process with numerous layers and therefore the price per m2 varies significantly depending on:

Size of the work

This makes it possible to amortize start-up, downtime and drying costs to a greater or lesser extent. For this reason the costs are reduced in large works and with them the price of microcemento per meter2.

If the application is on walls or floors

The placement of microcement will be faster in walls than in floors. In spite of the fact that a fiberglass mesh is usually installed in floors, which is not usually applied in walls, the greater ease of distribution of the material in floors makes the price per m2 of the smoothed micro-cement slightly more economical.

Size of the cloths

Therefore number of corners and encounters, which require a trowel job and extra preparation. A larger cloths lower price / m2.

Type of base on which the microcement is applied

If the base is irregular or susceptible to cracking, it will require a greater number of layers. In smoother and more stable bases, the price will be lower.

Choosing Microcemento reduces the price and time of your renovation.
Its application is carried out without complex works, in many cases directly on the pre-existing surface, which in itself constitutes a very considerable saving since it does not need to be de-rubble or work permit.

Suitable for application in residential, commercial spaces and in all types of rooms. It is also interesting to use on facades or interior walls, as well as on different surfaces of the bathroom or kitchen.

We adapt to you … two types of microcement, two prices:

Traditional Microcement

For tighter budgets that do not want to give up all the technical and aesthetic properties offered by microcement at a cheaper price.

Resistone Microcement

Microcement evolved high-end and better performance in Resistance, Fissures and Impermeability.

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