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White Resistone microcement floor

Cover the pavement of your house with microcement

Cover the pavement of your house with microcement

What type of soil can I apply this material on?

If floor of your house is too deteriorated and you still haven't dared to get your hands on it because you start to tremble just thinking about the works, don't worry anymore. We bring you the best solution.

Did you know that there is a totally revolutionary material that allows you to create unique environments and that can be applied to any surface? Yes Yes. How are you hearing it? Its about microcemento, a material about 2 or 3 mm thick and that does not require works, so you will not have to think about it anymore. Give the decoration of your house a breath of new air with this incredible material that will make your house a much more elegant touch and that will make it look like you just bought it.

In addition, it does not matter what type of floor you have at home. As long as it is not wood, you can apply it wherever you want, even on walls, furniture, sinks and bathtubs, as it is an ideal material for this due to its impermeability and its great resistance to all kinds of stains.

With which, in addition to being able to enjoy a totally new floor, it will be much easier for you to clean. It should be noted that the microcementoIt is applied continuously and does not require joints to be joined like traditional slabs of the floor so you will avoid having to clean the happy joints that usually get dirty over time.

Decorate the floor of your house with microcement

Another of the great advantages of this type of material is the number of aesthetic possibilities it offers. And it is that in addition to creating unique spaces and giving a touch of elegance to your rooms, you should know that the microcemento It can be applied giving it the style you prefer so that it fits perfectly with the type of decoration you want for your home.

For example, you can insert logos, images, graphics and any other type of drawing or letters that you like. Not to mention the number of colors that you can find in any catalogue, since this material can be pigmented in the color that you want, even with several of them, so you can get the floor Perfectly match the furniture and decor in any room in your home.

But in addition to being able to combine different colors, this material allows the incorporation of other materials and elements to create alternative designs, since as it is a continuous surface without joints, the possibilities in terms of decoration are practically endless.

And all this without the need to get involved in cumbersome works for several days, since this material can be installed in your home in much less time.

So if you are thinking of changing the floor of your house, do not hesitate to use microcemento, a simple, cheap and most elegant way to give your home a unique and different touch.


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