Our Mission

Offer our customers the best solution for continuous floors.


Continuous investment in R&D


Experience in both Manufacturing as in Application microcement


We share all our Knowledge with our clients

Our History

In 2008 we were specialists in microcement applications but we could not find a product on the market that covered the needs in continuous floors and wall cladding.

We tried to combine products from different suppliers but the situation did not improve.

This led us to undertake a process of Research and Development to get a product that really covers the needs of the application. Our deep knowledge of the requirements of the applicator and the end customer allowed us to develop a product with the best features.

We have the collaboration of a large team of specialists in construction, coatings and chemical engineering.

We test all our products and improvements first hand, with our own team and in real jobs. We continually seek improvements in quality, performance, ease of application and customer satisfaction.

In 2013, we launch Resistone Ready, the first “Ready to Use” product in the market.

In 2016, we developed Resistone EX, the most resistant microcement in the continuous flooring sector.

In 2020 we have just introduced Resistone Nature: The Ecological Micromortar.

The effort in R&D has been intense, continuous and long.

This has allowed us to reach manufacture what is currently the most valued microcement for its high-performance system.

Today we sell our products in more than 20 countries around the world where we have a growing network of partners and distributors.