Microcement floors

Microcement floorsopt for the microcement floors to have continuous flooring means joining an option that continues to gain popularity when it comes to equipping or remodeling all kinds of rooms, in the private home or in the facilities of various companies. At STN we work to provide our clients with cutting-edge advantages when it comes to implementing a material of this type wherever they require it. Count on us whatever the project you have in hand, given that the properties of microcement and the quality of the specific product that we manufacture and install make it a most versatile solution.

We not only install microcement flooring more attractive, with a wide range of colors and all the charm of its handcrafted application, but we can also use this same product in all the walls and rooms of the house, with the possibility of achieving continuity between spaces, as well as in different furniture items. Among the most interesting characteristics of this material that we also know as polished concrete There is the possibility of applying it directly and without problems on a multitude of different surfaces, with the notable exception of parquet or flooring.

Get the most resistant and beautiful microcement floors

Our team of installers will take care of making the most of this material wherever you request it, applying it with precision to take advantage of its aesthetic and physical properties, such as its high resistance to damage and dirt. It is a relatively simple operation and does not leave any kind of debris, which helps you to enjoy the polished cement at a price really interesting compared to other paving options. Discover all the advantages provided by our exclusive compound, Resistone, which constitutes the evolution of microcement for the benefit of our customers.