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At Resistone microcemento we manufacture and install microcement.

We have developed different product and price ranges to cover the needs of any budget.

This material continues to gain popularity both in the commercial or work environment as well as in the residential field. Due to its various functional and aesthetic properties. Its application results in a surface with a smooth texture and without joints that presents a unique resistance to stains.

At Resistone microcement we are specialized manufacturers with a great desire for innovation and improvement. This is the reason that has led us to launch Resistone. A type of microcement that represents the evolution of traditional microcement. Here, the same finishes also have a physical resistance superior to that of any other microcement on the market.

We take care of the manufacture and installation of microcement ourselves to ensure its correct application.

The best place to buy microcement

Buy microcement in Madrid
Microcement showroom in Madrid.

We have the best product, technical advice in which we do not hold back anything from our extensive experience on the application and behavior of the product. 

We have fast service in 24-48 hours to any point in Spain.

If you are interested in buying microcement in Madrid, we invite you to visit our showroom. Where you can go or bring your client to see the finishes, color chart and different textures. We can also advise you on the different versions (and qualities) on the market.

Are you involved in the reform of a home or premises? He can buy microcement at a price adjusted and apply it on the vast majority of existing surfaces. From cement, ceramic or concrete floors to self-leveling plaster and metal bases.

Its versatility makes things very easy for you. If it is a group of rooms, let yourself be surprised by the modern impression of continuity produced by this flooring.

It is also a product whose installation is agile, clean and economical.

Now available a highly waterproof option that is ideal for application in sinks, showers, facades and even swimming pools.

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