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What does the price per m2 of microcement depend on?

microcement price

The application of microcemento It is made through an artisan process with numerous layers and therefore the price per m2 varies depending on:

  • Size of the work. It allows to amortize the start-up costs, dead times and drying. Reducing in large works the price of microcement per m2.
  • Cloth size. And therefore a number of corners and joints, which require extra troweling and preparation work. The larger the panels, the lower the price/m2 in microcement.
  • Type of base on which it is applied. If the base is irregular or susceptible to cracking, it will require a greater number of layers. In smoother and more stable bases, the microcement will have a lower price per m2.
  • floors or walls. The application on floors is faster than on walls. Although a fiberglass mesh is usually installed on floors. But the greater ease of distribution of the material on floors makes the price per m2 of microcement cheaper.

As a reference we could talk about a Microcement application price between €45-65 per m2.

Price per m2 of Microcement in Resistone

We are manufacturers and installers of microcement based in Madrid. With a presence in countries such as Germany, Denmark, Greece, Finland, Holland, Poland, Portugal and the UK. To be able to assist you wherever you need us.

We have developed two types of microcement to be able to adapt to any budget:

traditional microcement

Both for its image and durability, as well as for its speed of installation, it is the best option for the tightest budgets. Without giving up the properties and aesthetic advantages of polished cement.

High-end Resistone microcement

With our exclusive coating, we maintain the same aesthetic excellence while achieving improved strength. Greater flexibility, all of which affects the durability of the continuous floors that we shape.

In any of the two types of microcement you can choose between the same color chart, custom colors and different textures and finishes.

Microcement at an ideal price to start your reform

In this sense, remember that we are talking about a product suitable for application in residential and commercial spaces and in all types of rooms. Its use on facades or interior walls, as well as on different surfaces in the bathroom or kitchen, is also interesting.

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