Microcement in Bathrooms

If there is a room in which we can find microcement on any of its surfaces or decorative elements, this is undoubtedly the bathroom.

The reason is because this coating offers technical and aesthetic advantages that are really indicated for its use.

Microcement or also called polished cement in the bathroom allows us to:

  • Apply it without the need to clear debris. Directly adheres to existing tile or wall.
  • It is waterproof, so we can use it on any wet surface, such as the floor, bathtub, shower and even the sink.
  • Continuity with the rest of the floor of the house.
  • Easy cleaning, only water and neutral soap is needed. In addition, as they do not have joints, dirt does not accumulate.

Microcement bathtub

Microcement Resistone bathroom Bathtub

As for the bathtubs, we would have different options. We can combine a freestanding ceramic bathtub with a microcement floor and wall in contrasting colours. This would be the case chosen in this project carried out in an attic in Madrid.

Or we can cover a built-in bathtub following the continuity with the rest of the microcement in the bathroom. Thus we can integrate floor, walls, sinks and bathtub with the same material. This type of decoration is very suitable for creating relaxing environments.

Normally, very neutral tones are chosen that reinforce this idea, such as ivory, sand, pearl gray...

Shower trays

Both the walls and the plate can be made in microcement. You could even place some shelves or shelves also covered with the same material to have everything visually integrated.

Cleaning this part of the bathroom is especially easy as there are no joints where dirt accumulates.

Bathroom Sinks

Microcement Resistone Countertop Bathroom

As for the sinks, we can find even more options. 

One option would be to make the sink directly with Aqua version Resistone microcement which is specially prepared to generate a waterproof and stain resistant layer.

Another option is to cover a shelf or piece of furniture with microcement and choose a countertop washbasin in any material. Both in ceramic, stone or marble it will combine very well.

Furniture and shelves

We can also play with different combinations with these elements to give continuity to the rest of the decoration.

In this case, microcement allows us to apply it directly to furniture, drawer fronts, shelves, shelves... we can even find it making original racks to hang towels.


For this surface we will use Resistone EX microcement that provides great resistance to bumps and scratches and impermeability. In addition, with a non-slip finish, it is ideal to apply it in a bathroom. And without forgetting that it is indicated if we have chosen radiant floor heating.


In this case we will use Resistone Fine Microcement to achieve a smooth surface, very easy to clean and in any color and finish.


Microcement Resistone spa stairs

For this type of room, the use of MResistone Aqua microcement It is especially indicated since it allows us to have a waterproof, non-slip and easy-to-clean surface.

This is the reason why we find more and more this continuous flooring in spas, gyms and hotels.

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