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types of cement

types of cement

We can group the different types of cement based on their origin:

  1. Clayey
  2. Porcelain

1. Portland cement

It is the most used cement for obtaining concrete. It is obtained by pulverizing Portland Clinker and adding calcium sulfate. If we mix this type of cement with water we provide adhesion and resistance. If we modify the percentage of its components we obtain:

1.1  Ferric Portland Cement

With the incorporation of pyrite ashes or powdered iron minerals, we obtain this type of iron-rich cement. It is characterized by having the hydration that develops the most heat, which is why it is the most used in hot climates.

1.2  White Portland Cement

This type of cement owes its white color to the almost absence of iron among its components. It is used for mass, reinforced and prestressed concrete and mortar.

2. mixed cements

Obtained by adding different components to Portland cement

2.1 Microcement

Made with cement, very fine aggregates and resins, applied as a coating on floors, walls, kitchens, bathrooms, on tiles, concrete, self-leveling mortars, etc...

2.2  pozzolanic cement

In this case, the added element is pozzolana, a very porous acid stone. This makes the cement develop less heat of reaction during setting, it has greater impermeability and durability.

2.3  steel cement

Obtained by adding coal ash to portland cement. It is characterized by offering good resistance to aggressive water, high temperature when setting and good resistance to acids and sulfates.

2.4 fast setting cement

This type of cement begins to set shortly after adding water and to a lesser degree than portland cement. Retardant substances (E-330) can be added to control setting.

2.5  aluminous cement

This type of cement is also known as "Cast Cement" since the fusion of its components is obtained at 1.600º. It is obtained by adding bauxite with impurities of iron oxide, titanium oxide, silicon oxide and calcium carbonate.

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